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Welcome to Oceania

The mix of mountains, deserts, reefs, forests, beaches and multicultural cities of Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii is an eternal draw for travelers. Remote, beautiful and welcoming, the Pacific Islands, with their white sands and clear waters, are almost dreamlike in their perfection. Pacific island nations are scattered across the map like flower petals, but one thing unites them all is the ever-present sound of the ocean. The cultures of the Pacific Islands have changed over the years, but people still dress modestly and live with respect for their elders and traditions. What some Pacific countries lack in terms of luxury, they make up for with their generosity. A night spent sharing food and song with a tight-knit community will quickly make you realize that with every modern advantage in life, there is often a trade-off between lost skills, knowledge, and kinship ties. Hospitality and warm laughter are the local currency of the Pacific, so do like the locals and greet everyone with a nod or a smile on the streets.



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Welcome to Africa

Grandiose landscapes, white sand beaches, deserts, savannas, forests and wildlife, timeless towns and villages, everything is a pretext for the wonder of this great continent: Africa. The continent is considered to be the cradle of humanity, where the ancestors of Man appeared around 200 years ago. Today, there are a thousand ethnic groups on the continent. It also has the highest linguistic diversity in the world with nearly 000 living languages. African art excels in fields such as dance, music and plastic art, which allow it to shine all over the world.