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the Parisian

It is one of the most persistent clichés concerning the inhabitants of the capital.

The beret was worn by Bretons who once traded onions with the English. 

The image of the Frenchman dressed in the famous headgear has remained in the minds of the British and has grown across the world.

Today, this outfit is inseparable from Paris and is displayed on souvenirs of Paris.

the Breton costume

The essential part of the female costume is a headdress. There are more varieties of headdress than costume, but they all have something in common: they are white in color and most often are lace. In the past, the headdress "was like an identity card". The most famous headdress, not only in Brittany, but also throughout France, is the bigouden headdress. It is a cylinder 30 to 40 cm high in starched lace, perched on the head of the woman, like a tower. It has become an icon of folkloric Brittany.

the Provencal costume

The traditional Provencal costume has two main variants: the Arles costume, also known as Arlèse, or Provencal and the Comtadin costume, worn in the areas of Avignon and Carpentras. 

Unlike those in many regions, clothing from Provence was very colorful. 

Here is the Arles costume with sa white headdress called "Chanoinesse" which may or may not be topped with a hat. 

Source: provence7 & passionprovence

Alsatian costume

The red skirt and the headdress with a large black bow were mainly worn in Kochersberg and the Pays de Hanau. 

Headdresses have evolved over time: from large headscarves to gold-embroidered caps, to the famous black bows trimmed with lace. 

These black knots could reach 1 meter in wingspan. 

Source: gehts-in, alsace-lait & folklore-barberousse

the basque costume

In the past, it was only the dancers who owned them and dancing in the Basque valleys was reserved for a few elected officials. 

The women wore a red petticoat over white stockings, a white shirt and a small black waistcoat and a white scarf. 

When they wear espadrilles, they often have long laces that are wrapped around the ankle.

Source: adventurous & paperblog

the Boulogne costume

The Boulogne costume (Boulogne-sur-mer) was worn on holidays by the wives of the sailors, "sailors". 

It consists of a black silk or brocaded satin skirt, an embroidered silk shawl with long fringes.  

The headdress of the matelotes is called "the sun", it is a piped cap made entirely of starched white lace in the shape of a halo, 15 to 18 cm high. 

Source: herve-tavernier 

the Auvergne costume

In Auvergne, women wore the local headdress which could be a real work of art, sometimes even with a straw hat over it (region of Thiers for example). 

A bodice covered her shoulders. 

A full, long skirt, pulled up from behind over the petticoats, gave the whole a very fine appearance. 

An apron also completed the whole, also pinned on the bodice.

Source: Loucantou Group 

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