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You know you are Tunisian when ...


You drive one hand on the steering wheel, one hand on the horn because you never know if the car in front of you will turn right or left or if someone is going to run a red light.


You use "normal Moch" in every other sentence, and you don't even remember since when the meaning of that expression changed from "weird" to "great".


You put harissa in almost every dish, even harissa


You ask the question "fhemt?" a good hundred times when you tell a story, as if the person in front of you does not understand your language.


You only watch Tunisian television during the month of Ramadan and you consider "choufli 7al" as a masterpiece


You make an appointment with someone and if you arrive 1 hour late, you are still the first to arrive.


Do you think there is Boga Lime or Boga cider all over the world?


You know the old guy with the cat in Sidi Bou.


You are not surprised that the light of taxis is red when it is free and green when there are people on board.


You buy your cigarettes by unit and not by packet and you mimic the gesture "3andek ch3oul?" "

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Photo: Kairouan Mosque, Kairouan, Tunisia

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