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You know you are Algerian when ...


Football runs through your veins, Madjer, Belloumi, Zidane, Mahrez ... ONE TWO THRÉ VIVA L'AGIRÉ


You sneak into the kitchen at 2am to prepare yourself a Baguette-Cachir sandwich


When your father told you a thousand times that the director of NASA is Algerian, that Ronaldo grew up in Bab el Oued or that Schumacher's father is from Mostaghanem!


Going to the Algerian consulate is so similar to police custody that it takes a long time


When you talk on the phone with the bled, you scream, because your interlocutor is far away


Even without having seen the match in 1982 you know that Algeria rabhet Germany so much your father told you about this match


You are in your room, your father calls you shouting, you cross the whole corridor, you wonder what he could possibly want ... arrived in front of him ... it was to pass him the remote control or a "eskimo"


The best couscous you've eaten is still your mom's


You ask a simple question to the parents / uncle / aunt ... and he / she answers you by telling you all his life, of how he had to walk in 1984 km just to go to school or to go shopping!


You have been lulled by the melodious sound of Cheb Hasni's "sentimentale" rai songs. Baida my love 

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Photo: Algerian pastries, Algeria

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